Almond Chia Truffles

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Gracious the Yum that is Life!!!

Look at these in the event that you are searching for a brisk sugar fix...

2 Mugs Almonds Drenched 8 hours and flushed

1/4 container Chia seeds

3 Tbs Mesquite powder

1/4 tsp Salt

1 Tsp Mucuna Pruriens
Almond Chia Truffles
1/4 container Coconut Oil - warmed to fluid state

1 container set dates

Gear: Processor fitted with a "S" Edge, elastic spatula Fun Inventive soul and taste analyzers... Let the FUN Start...

First and foremost, Heartbeat the Almonds until they are the span of coarse sand. Include the Chia and all the powders and blend including the coconut oil toward the end. At that point include the dates maybe a couple at once to avert untimely balling and heartbeat until a mixture shapes.

Here is the place the Genuine Fun starts. This is an incredible kids' movement  let youngsters utilization spoons to scoop and frame little balls. Move every ball in cacao powder, Nibs, destroyed coconut, Hemp seeds or some other imaginative substance you pick.

For best results rub the mixture onto a pie plate or a dish and refrigerate to set 15 - 20 minutes prior to scooping and rolling.


Recipe of L.O.V.E. " Caramel Macchiato"

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Stunning! Super effective Affection filled beverage for any event.

My companion Dez named it, "Caramel Machiatto"

In a blender consolidate these couple of straightforward fixings:

Caramel Macchiato 1 Youthful coconut meat scratched out and water

3-6 dates to coveted sweetness
Caramel Macchiato
2 Tbs Maca Powder

3 Tbs Mesquite Powder

1/2 tsp Mucuna Pruriens

1 squeeze ocean salt (discretionary)

1-2 tsp MSM (discretionary)

Mix these fixings until smooth, add ice and water to coveted taste.

I included 1 container water and a plate of ice to create 4 pints of completed Yumminess!

Have a great time and don't hesitate to share your encounters here!

(Pictures are incredible.)


Angel Chocolate!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


logo-angelheart1Hi Crew! Much thanks to You for all your Affection and backing in this fun move stage. "Crude Chocolate Love " had a couple an excess of negative perceptual clashes accordingly another name has been conceived. Kindly tap on the new logo above and don't hesitate to share your musings. We'd love to hear back from you and anticipate making your Best Crude Chocolate Encounters.


Collaboration, Life & Love! DRAFT-1

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Coordinated effort!

Welcome our freshest SCC part, Sugar Plum Veggie lover Pastry kitchen & Bistro!

Flow Cooperative energy things accessible are: Grouped Crude Chocolate Affection Margarine Containers Cashew & Almond both Agave & Xylitol mixed bags, Cashew Cheesecake - Regular Flavors; Strawberry, Mulberry, Cacao, Coconut Cream, Orange & more to come!

Learn about FR*E*E to check the Sugar Plum site HERE!


Yippee! Brooke & The Green Boheme group praised their "Fabulous Opening!" today! I anticipate catching wind of how it went. You can look at the present menu and data HERE!

While at The Green Boheme make sure to take appreciate The Refined Kitchen's delightful soups & flavorful Kombu cha! Beca has a brilliant energy for helping individuals to discover the sustenances that will help them on their recuperating voyage. Look at the Refined Kitchen Here! & HERE!


Since leaving the steerage of TAO Nourishment! (Presently The Green Boheme) I have given back my center to interests of my heart. I am enthusiastic about having any kind of effect by being the distinction.

Here is a brief layout of the activities which SCC is right now working in.

1. Crude Chocolate Love - Hand made Artisan Crude Veggie lover Chocolates

2. "Neighborhood Love" Shop & Juice bar See the CEC site for a general layout of the idea model we are building and the draft award proposition beneath.

3. SCC Purchaser's Club Including Extreme Superfoods & different wholesalers of honesty based Sustenances! 20-60% off retail costs. Watch out for this site for up and coming subtle elements or send and email to info@synergychef.com to demand being added to the purchaser's club email list .

Here is the first unfinished copy from our stipend author as we set out on this enterprise to recuperate thy route into the world!

Stipend Proposition Plot

I. Official Rundown

Collaboration, Life & Love! DRAFT-1 Joint effort, Life & Adoration! DRAFT-1The ascent of adolescence corpulence has created an increment in wellbeing issues that change from psychosocial dangers, for example, low self-regard, to sort 2 Diabetes. Sort 2 Diabetes in youth can prompt cardiovascular malady and kidney disappointment when a youngster develops into a grown-up and eventually end in a shorter life. With adolescence heftiness on the ascent it gets to be essential for move to be made. Life span Sustenance attempts to kill adolescence corpulence, diabetes and different ailments connected to poor nourishment. In fall, 2008 Life span Sustenance began giving showing classes and solid snacks to more than 300 Sacramento region school kids. Life span Nourishment, in a joint effort with Natural Sacramento & California School Greenhouse System, Good dieting Dynamic Living community oriented, Wellbeing Training Guidance would like to introduce solid supper programs in Sacramento and, inevitably, the country over. These suppers will expand the nature of kids' wellbeing exponentially and at last prompt a more drawn out, more satisfied life for every youngster.

II. Articulation of need

Results from the 2007-2008 National Wellbeing and Nourishment Examination Overview (NHANES), utilizing measured statures and weights, demonstrate that an expected 17 percent of youngsters and teenagers ages 2-19 years are hefty. Among preschool age youngsters 2-5 years old, stoutness expanded from 5 to 10.4% between 1976-1980 and 2007-2008 and from 6.5 to 19.6% among 6-11 year olds. Among youths matured 12-19, corpulence expanded from 5 to 18.1% amid the same period.

Figure 1 delineates the ascent of overweight youngsters among the ages of 6-19 in the United States from 1963-2002 (Source: Community for Malady Control).

On the off chance that this pattern is permitted to proceed with the outcomes will be annihilating. As of now, in a populace based example of 5 to 17 year-olds, 70% of stout youngsters had no less than one cardiovascular ailment danger variable while 39% of corpulent kids had two or more CVD danger variables. Alongside unsafe physical dangers, hefty kids are social focuses for harassing and segregation. This negative experience can prompt low self-regard, which ruins scholarly accomplishment, hinders positive socialization and may endure into adulthood.

III. Venture Depiction

Life span Sustenance, as a team with Natural Sacramento, will make solid feast programs in Sacramento and, inevitably, the country over. Life span Sustenance will likewise give solid nourishment exhibits that demonstrate to kids industry standards to plan sound snacks. Furnishing youngsters with healthier nourishment and showing them how to make the snacks for themselves will work to reduce weight and enhance the physical and mental prosperity of kids.

a. By what method will this be done precisely?

b. By what method will the task be assessed?

IV. Financial plan

A. What is every progression of the task?

-What is the evaluated expense of every stride?

V. Authoritative Data

Framed by Collaboration Culinary specialist, Richard Hemsley, Life span Sustenance is a community oriented of living sustenances gourmet specialists that utilization their ability to make a superior, healthier world through nourishment. Life span Nourishment and Collaboration Gourmet expert Communitarian both cooperate with Natural Sacramento Et al to better the Sacramento group.

a. Any itemized history of past tasks?

VI. Conclusion

Utilizing the abilities of living sustenances culinary specialists, Life span Sustenance will be capable advantage the offspring of Sacramento with its dinners and work towards extensively diminishing the heftiness rate among kids and teenagers.

Time is of the pith as usual, must fly until further notice will proceed with this post today!

Much thanks to You for all your affection and backing.

To join our email rundown enter you email in the case  "Join our Email list!"



Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hi Loved ones!

This is a brief note to upgrade you in the undertakings of Collaboration Culinary specialist & The Specialty of Sustenance!

Most importantly, I ask you have room schedule-wise to visit The Green Boheme after they re-open on June 1st.

Second, starting today May 25th 2010, The Green Boheme is infringing upon our verbal understandings and composed contracts. I petition God for a quick determination to the contentions.

Third, Collaboration Cook Richard Hemsley is accessible for a couple of more dates this mid year for instruction purposes in gatherings of 10 or more. In the event that you ahve a particular theme you are occupied with please call 916.572.6010 or compose to classes@theartoffood.org

Collaboration Cook is Particularly centered around the instruction of Kids and Folks of Youngsters all ages, Educators and authoritative persons in schools.


The Heart of The Art is Alive!

Monday, May 17, 2010



The Heart of the art is alive at Green Boheme!



Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hi Companions, Family, Living Nourishment Beaus or those of you "Crude Inquisitive" that have stumbled over this web journal :)!

We are so eager to be anticipating our re-opening this nearing Tuesday, April 27th at 10:30am! The Specialty Of Sustenance Living Group Bistro will keep the calendar you are acquainted with: Tuesday - Saturday 10:30am to 9:30pm.

In the event that you are one of our consistent clients, have confidence in this vision and all the integrity that originates from Natural Living Sustenances and might want to take this opportunity, you can buy a voucher however our Paypal record (you needn't bother with a Paypal record to do this) and get more esteem. Case in point, on the off chance that you burn through $500. you get a voucher for $575. to spend on our readied nourishment! How cool is that? You will get email affirmation of your buy and we will send you a voucher in the sum that you picked. It's truly THAT easy...just look to one side for the Voucher buy catch!

The Menu here at the Craft of Nourishment is broadening...and we are excited! Only a fast review for you...We are working industriously to bring you All the more as a "developmental" procedure. Thus, anticipate that more will be included piece by piece as we advance and sink into new possession, administration and society.

What's in store...

More "Tonics" including drinkable Kombuchas by the glass or jug, coconut water, therapeutic teas, vitality teas, rinse mixes, chillin' teas, our own Hot & Ice Tea mixes, all the more crisp pressed Juice combos and Smoothies!

New Scrumptious Soups!

New Starters (Just you hold up! We are taking a shot at some delish stuff here!)

Presently dependably on the menu: Pizza 3 ways, our "Burgs" 3 ways, our NEW sandwiches 3 ways, Nachos, Enchiladas, Lasagna, New Salads....AND...Chef Tony's "Stroll About" Menu. What is that, you ask? Gourmet expert Tony will be discharging another Starter or Soup, Course and Treat for an alternate district consistently. I can barely wait to see what he's turning out with...he's gone on about French Cooking as his first discharge. :)

The Little Individuals Menu! What better approach to feed your kid than with the freshest natural entire nourishments conceivable? We think your youngsters ought to be respected with great nourishment that is custom-made to THEIR palette!

Treats! Yup, well heaps of well done including our Dessert. You won't be disillusioned.

Need to pop in and "Get N Go"? Obviously we will be putting forth what you are recognizable with...Prepared Menu Things, Ala Carte...PLUS saltines, breads, plunges, our home granola, desserts,unbaked baked good things, really Crude nut spreads, hummus, pate's, Nutmilks, sauces, dressings and prepared to eat crunchies. Our dedication to you? Our nourishment is deliberately arranged crisp to guarantee its dynamic quality for 3-4 days from day of procurement. Period!

All the more Great News...We are making a promise to our guests...you CAN feast here, and exit the entryway in 40 minutes amid lunch. In the event that we can't give that to you, your dinner is on the house. Obviously, you are welcome for whatever length of time that you wish! Kindly fill your server in as to whether you have time confinements and you plan to appreciate starter, dish and pastry so we can keep things streaming for you!

Also, we will now be tolerating real Charge cards! Hooray!

It's ALL Affection AND ALL Great! We Can hardly wait To See You!

-Brooke and The Specialty Of Sustenance Group!